First of all, Merry Christmas to all of you :)…

Merry Christmas from Madrid hehehe...

It was so nice to operate the flight on Christmas. I would like to know and experience by myself how people celebrate Christmas in other countries. Now, my desire comes true hehehe.

The flight was so light load hehehe; coming to Madrid only 54 passengers in Economy class wowwww… We still provided the best service as always.

In general, crew were nice. However, I get to know Joyce; a Phillipino crew. She is really nice and cute. I have learned a lot how to work smart. Thanks a lot, Joyce. Not so many crew wanna teach and tell you about things on board esp if you are a new crew. She told me a lot about how to be an efficient galley operator. It is very interesting. I admire her a lot about how she works, thinks and so on. She always gets ready before every flight and always pays much attention on her work.

We landed to Madrid earlier than the schedule. It is freaking cold here : 7 degree celcius. I appointed her to get some sleep for few hours and go out around noon. I can’t believe that we would have so much fun and great time like this. It is Christmas and I had no idea before that all shops are closed. In my opinion, it would be much better for them to open and generate more revenue. Well, it is their holiday hehehe. Even though shops are closed, restaurants and souvenir shops are opened. We still enjoyed shopping somehow.

Though this is the second time in Madrid, I found myself that there are still so many things to explore. I am so glad I had a chance to spend time here in the evening, including joining the great moment of Christmas.

I thought I wouldn’t take that many pics. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem to be me lol. I keep taking more and more pics by the way. Hummm…. so far so good and I am happy!!!

I have been in Madrid 2 times so far. We don’t have long layover here anymore. That’s why I couldn’t go to many places. However, only in SOL area but different time really gives me different feelings. Getting around here is not that complicated. Main transportation seems to be “Metro” where the fee is reasonable. I chose for one way trip which cost me only 1 Euro to get to SOL and another 1 Euro from SOL to the station near the hotel. In total, I spent 2 Euro for transportation cost ^^.


According to the topic, I think it must be fun writing down all my stupid and silly actions when I am in the uniform or on duty. Honestly, there are so many things that are really funny when I go back and think of it. Let’s start hehehe…

–  Yesterday before the double sector flight, I wore all make up. I just didn’t know that I forgot one thing lol. Then, I went for the flight as usual. Normally, we have to go to the briefing room for brushing up our knowledge and getting to know colleagues and also the flight. After everyone is in the room, supervisor will call a grooming officer to check our grooming. Of course, it is the exciting time as we have to make sure that we are well-groomed always lol. I didn’t realize until everything was okay for me except “I forgot to apply brush on on my cheek” LOL. Luckily, my face is a bit red as always. So, she just asked me to add more. I just talked to myself that I was so silly!!! 🙂

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Life as a Cabin Crew

One of the amazing benefits of being a cabin crew is that within one week you find yourself in various countries. I enjoy and appreciate this advantage a lot. It is so unbelievable but so true :). However,……

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Algiers, Algeria (Dec 17-18, 2009)

Indeed, I have heard about Algeria but I don’t know exactly about the country. I also have never thought that I would have a great chance to visit and learn more about everything here. Thanks to Qatar Airways for offering me this beautiful opportunity :).

To begin with, I knew that the roster had been changed before coming here only few hours. The crew assigned in the trip had been changed. I have got to fly with my friend (Thai and close friend) for the first time. Wow, I was so excited and glad to know that there would be Thai friend going to Algiers with me this time. Actually, I intended to explore here alone. However, I have heard that it may be dangerous for a girl to travel here alone. So, I felt much better knowing that she would join me for this trip. Besides, this is her first time in Algeria as well. Thus, she wanted to go out and explore as well. It is such a good match lol. Some crew don’t want to go out. They prefer to stay in the hotel and enjoy the facilities that hotel provides. In my opinion, I don’t know if I will get to operate this flight again. It is always good to experience the country for the first time. At least, you can say that you get to see and know about country indeed.

I was assigned to be a galley operator again. Let me tell you about it first. When you are more senior, you tend to be galley operator more than servicing in the cabin. Some like but some don’t. For me, it is great but you have to know about services, how to do cart top, where things are kept. If you learn all about this, you can be a galley operator without any problems. I am still new though. I also try so hard to be a fast learner. There are tons of things to know and learn always. Passenger’s load was light today. That’s why CSD (Cabin Senior Director) put me into this position which was good for me cuz I would get to practice :). I would like to thanks to Oil (my lovely Thai friend whom I have known since I was in Thailand and also Rahan who helped and taught me a lot. Especially Rahan, he helped me a lot about handling galley. I have learned a lot from him. He is really a good teacher. I have learned a lot more when comparing to the last time. The block time is around 7 hours and 50 mins. We are serving HB (hot breakfast) in the morning and then REF (refreshment) 2 hours before landing.

One thing I wonder is that I don’t know what is wrong with my nose. It feels like a bit hurt but not really called hurt. I have noticed that I have felt like this lately. Maybe if I still feel it, I will go to see the doctor.

Algeria is absolutely amazing. The weather here at this time is lovely; kind of windy and cool. The city itself is beautiful. I wish I could take pics on the way coming to the hotel but I couldn’t as we were in uniform. I am sure you guys would think the same way as mine. Crew rest in Sofitel hotel. The hotel is awesome. If I rank all the hotels I have stayed so far, here is the second best I love it in view of the room itself and the convenience I feel when I am in the room. More importantly, we have internet access for free hehehe ^^.

There is a free shuttle bus for Qatar Airways cabin crew to the city. However, there was only me and Oil who wanted to go out. We seemed to be so excited lol. I love seeing things that are different from what I have seen in Thailand. It is intriguing to see how people built home or city in a very different and unique way.

One thing in common I have experienced is that guys always come directly to you and talk sth to you. Strange but true cuz no one thinks that I am from Thailand lol. Usually, they think that I am from China, Korea or Japan. So, they keep saying hi in Chinese, Korean and Japanese all the time. They are friendly in general. However, the way they come to you very fast seems to really scare me and Oil. The shuttle bus driver even told us to be careful and vigilant of our belongings. I was so surprised to hear as well. Along the way in the city, I saw so many police’s cars. I really have no idea what is going on. Perhaps it is just the common thing here.

We utterly made the decision to have dinner in the local restaurant. It was good to try new things esp when it comes to food. Hum…. I still love Thai food lol. Food here is great but it doesn’t seem to be my style that much. In addition, they don’t have ketchup or very yummy sauce like what we have in Thailand. These even make me think of Thai food more hehehe.

We ended up buying “Dates” on the way coming back to the hotel. Wow, it is so good hehehe. I love it. It is my first time tasting it. You guys can see in pics in case you can’t imagine how it looks like. I guarantee that it is a must buy item from Algeria.

I fall asleep for few hours as we operated long flight and instantly went out without getting some rest. So, now it is 1.54 am. in the morning but I still feel sleepy hehehe. It’s a good idea to get some sleep and then have buffet in the morning :).

On the way coming back to DOH, it was so accidentally that I met Thou in the aircraft as she just finished operating the flight to ALG. Too bad cuz I left but she just arrived. So, we missed hanging out with each other. Today is kinda strange as I met so many friends lol. When I got to the technical building, I met a Korean friend who went to Kathmandu, Nepal with me. Besides, I also met Ying as she was going to Geneva. Wow, I have never met so many friends at the same time like this. It was such a great feeling :).

Great great… I had so much fun ^^.

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Hanging out in Doha…

Dec 16, 2009 --> It is time to go to Irish Pub for the first time lol. One of my friend said that I need to go out and know more about Doha. I felt so embarrassed :(. That's why today's event took place hehehe. Nah, I just wanted to know more about Doha. So, we decided to go to Irish Pub to see night life. I was so hungry. I ordered this dish. It was Salmon smoke sth if I am not wrong lol. It was around 50 ryals lol. Well, it made me full hehehe.

Time to take pic hehehe...

I want one pic for myself as well :).

2 of us taken by Tam...

One more shot at W hotel by me hehehe.

Christmas tree is so cute and beautiful here. That's why I can't stop but taking some of pics as usual ^^.

Now, it is my turn. I like it though.

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Hola Madrid (Spain) Dec 11-12, 2009 ^^

Frankly speaking, I was so excited with this trip as Europe is always the destination I would like to visit. Perhaps cuz it is completely different from Asia. That’s why I feel like I would like to explore more and more.

My friends told me that Madrid is one of the most difficult destinations to bid for as cabin crew. So, my first month almost fulled of  the bidding of Europe destinations. The result was that I was lucky again as I have got 2 Madrid for December.

I felt much better when I knew that CS and CSD are Thais. At least, I am sure you will feel warm in your heart everytime you fly or work with the same nationality. I do not mean that I prefer Thais but I simply mean that it is easier to work and understand each other when we have the same nationality. However, working in multi-cultural team always give you new ideas and challenges.

I have flown for one month already. Thus, CS assigned me to be L4A who is in charge of galley (kitchen of the aircraft lol). I was so glad at least I have got the good start for galley operator. Luckily, this flight was light loaded. So, I can start being this position with less stress.


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Ultimately, Souq Wakif (Dec 9, 2009) ^^

If  I am not mistaken “Souq” means market. I have been in Doha for 2 months already but I just have a chance to come here. Actually, my friends asked me out to this place many times already. At that time, I was in the training period. Thus, I didn’t have mood to hang out that much. Now, it is time hehehe. And it is GREAT.

The weather was so cool here. It is almost 1 a.m. and I just got home hehehe. I had a great time at Villagio and Souq Wakif with my lovely friend, Aey. We will go there again as we didn’t have much time to take pics and chill out there. Cheers!!!

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When I get sick…

After coming back from Kathmadu, I haven’t felt so good. I have had diarrhea. Also, I felt like I was sick. I still operated the flights as usual. I didn’t want to call sick cuz it will have an effect on my performance. That’s why I had to try to take it. I know it doesn’t sound too good but I have no choice :(.

Then, I was allergic with something I didn’t really know. Luckily, I brought Caramile with me. So, I could apply to my skin before going to see the doctor. I had 2 more flights to operate before getting 5 days off in a row. Anyway, once I finished those 2 flights, I got sick severely. My skin was all red with big and small spotssss. It looked so scary. I couldn’t stop itching at all. This is so bad. You know, when I get sick, the only one I think of is my mom. It is always like this even when I am not sick. Mom is the only one whom I love the most. I don’t know why. She is the one who will never make me sad or cry.

I went to Doha clinic with a friend of mine. It was not far but it was a bit hard to get any transportation. I wanted to change my skin right away as it was so irritating. The doctor told me that I had to get an injection. I said okay. I asked her left or right hand side?? She told me no, hip lol. OMG, it was my first time getting vaccination there. She said it was quite strong medicine that’s why the best way is to give it at your hip. I am not afraid of the needle at all. However, this one was so scary. I felt I couldn’t walk properly. Hahaha… The doctor also gave me medication that I would take only for bedtime. This vaccine made me so sleepy. I almost couldn’t grab money in my hand lol. Poor me!!!

I told myself that I was so lucky that I had more days off in a row so that I could take enough rest and make sure that my sickness is totally gone. I don’t really know why I got this allergy. I hope I won’t get it anymore. This is more than enough.

I had dinner at Dairy Queen tonight. It is like McDonald’s. The price is quite expensive for me. Humm.. not really actually. One fish burger with fries and one pepsi cost me like 25 ryals (250 B in Thailand). It’s okay though. I should try new things so that it is called the taste of  life hehehe.

Well well, it is time to go to bed now. My next trip will be Madrid. This is my dream destination as well. I would like to go to Europe so much. I can’t believe that I will get what I wanna have in real like this. I am so lucky. Thanks to my dad and my mom for giving me such a beautiful life though I don’t have much time to take care of you, mom.

She is and will aways be in my mind no matter where I go and how long time passes me by...

I would like to take a note so that I won’t forget these interesting places lol… Since I have been here for almost 2 months. I guess it would be better to explore where we live now. Let’s start…

— Al Wakrah Beach is a good place for camping … lol I have no idea where it is though.

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I love this song… :)

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