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New Delhi, India (Feb 5, 2010)

I don’t know if I should be happy or sad as I saw parents of a crew waiting for her at the lobby of the hotel. In fact, I feel happy for them that they finally get to see each other. Can you imagine the pic of mom, dad and their daughter hugging each other warmly in the lobby? Yes, I am happy to see that. At the same time, it reminds me of my mom. I instantly felt something in my heart. Sigh…

Well well, let’s come back to the story of my India trip.

Passenger’s load : Full full full load…

Passenger’s profile : They are quite demanding. Don’t be surprised if all of them wanna have a cup of water once they are on their seats. So, it will be a great idea to get ready by preparing trayssss of water. If not, when you go to the cabin, they will keep asking and asking you again and again. Then, your job will never be done. They also drink a lot. Unbelievable that the catering has to prepare enough spirits for this sector. Oh well…

Flying time : It is kinda short. We don’t have time to eat at all. We had to do things in a rush. Also, we haven’t finished the service yet, it is top of descend (TOD) already :(.

Alright, the info above is all what I can think of now. I will write more if I can figure other things out.

I planned with my friend to go to Taj Mahal. However, it was sad cuz they close on Friday (>_<). You know what… it takes like 3-4 hours going there and also 3-4 hours coming back. Though I had only 23 hours there, I wanted to visit Taj Mahal. At least, once in a life time. That’s why I was so disappointed :(. Oh well, we had to change the plan according to the situation by visiting the popular markets and seeing things around Delhi instead.

Eventually, we got to 2 popular markets. I have got to widen my vision once again. Everytime I travel, I find that everything is so interesting for me esp when I go to the country that I have never been before. India is my first time as well. The weather was cold by the time we got there. If you plan to go shopping there, you can bargain the price like 1/3. For the local foods, thanks to my friend, Sebastian, he likes trying new food and new things. That’s why I got a chance to try some of local foods. It was nice. Though we had only 23 hours and we missed Taj Mahal, I and my friend had a good time chilling out around there.

I went shopping as well. I have got so many long pants to wear when I am at home lol. It is nice cuz the price in Doha is considerably high. Then, I have got some brand name clothes. However, I supposed I went there too early and they didn’t fully open yet. That’s why. I heard from my friends that they have brand name’s clothes in a very cheap price. I looked forward to buying those though lol.

Though it was a hectic flight on the way going to Delhi, the rest was great for me. I am quite impressed with the trip.

So lucky as this is the first layover flight for New Delhi. Normally, it is always turnaround flights. Moreover, only this month that we have layover flights in India. I still have one more India flight going to Amritza. I am kinda excited to visit there. Stay tuned, dude!!!

Location: New Delhi, India
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Hello Vienna, Austria… (Feb 1-2,2010)

It is my first time in Vienna and of course, I wonder how Vienna really looks like.

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Wandering in Hong Kong (Jan 20-21,10)

I have been to Hong Kong so many times already but not with QR. So, this is my first time in HK as a crew :).

I was so lucky again cuz PAX (passengers) load was only 92 hehehe. Wow… I heard that normally PAX on this flight is always full. My CS (Cabin Senior) asked if I mind to be mid-galley. I told her that I wanted to do it hehehe. Anyway, there was nothing in mid-galley at all. Thus, all I did was just magic box, hand over cart, and counting some stocks in mid-galley. That’s it.

There is a Thai crew joining this flight apart from me; Oui. She is actually F1 but this flight had so many F1 already. So, she was assigned to help us in Economy class. It was good cuz she was in R2 position whereas I was in L2 hehehe. So, we chatted a lot hehehe.

Flight time was around 7 hours if I am not wrong. I am so forgetful sigh…. It seemed to be so long, right? Nevertheless, when the time comes, 7 hours seemed to be nothing. PAX for this flight was not demanding that much :). Well, some are but very fewwwww. Most of them are nice.

In short, my experience for HK flight was great. Things hasn’t changed much from the last time I came here except for a lot more people this time :). It was so crowded. Besides, now I am here as a crew, not a tourist anymore ^^. The weather here is fairly similar to that of DOHA. I love the weather here.

Many friends told me that the hotel is so great. Now I know that it is really as it is very new. The room is so big and nice. The carpet is blue hehehe. Facilities in room are perfect. So, it is flawless!!!

QR is so good cuz they give us free 2 MTR ticket vouchers from Asia world-expo to the city. If not, it costs us around HKD 100 which is around 50 Baht.

Though it was a long flight, I decided to go out once I got few hours rest in the hotel. I think it would be better to go out today cuz I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. So, if I am ready and there is nothing for me, I should go. I appointed with Oui. We went out together. However, she appointed her friend at HongKong station. I got off MRT at Kowloon station. We separated there. I feel comfortable with HK as I have visited here many times already. Thus, it is not hard for me to get around at all. I asked taxi to go to Nathan road where I always go if I am in HK. I love HK though things have been changedddd. I mean I’m in HK now. The same HK but the different situation and different state of mind LOLLLLL. Sounds weird but it is me (⊙_◎).

The highlight was SHOPPING lol. I enjoy shopping here very much. This time I went to Bossini but a bit disappointed for women cloth as they didn’t have cool styles like they always do :(. Keep moving on to Giordano… I found a gift to give to my dad hehehe. Am I a nice daughter??? Oh yes, HK reminds me of Chinese New Year which is coming soon too. That’s why it is a great time to buy my dad a gift :). The most favorite shop for me this time in HK is ESPRIT lol. I’ve got so many cool skirts here. Wow… so great. I miss the time when I went to EDC shop and bought skirts from there. Now, those skirts are at home and my lovely sis wears them lol. I didn’t bring even one with me :(. After that, one more shop that stole a lot of my money everytime is SASA; nice cosmetics shop which has so many good cosmetics from Japan, Korea. I spent time there many hours lol. I finally felt hungry. I wanted to eat HK fried rice a lot. I went to one restaurant but I was so sad cuz they didn’t have it. I went to another restaurant. It was in Shamrock hotel where I used to stay :(. This place reminds me of sth again Sigh…  Well, I’d rather enjoy food lol. So, I ordered HK fried rice hehehe. What’s more…. hummm…. Timsum of course hehehe. Wow.. my dinner was so nice though I ate alone. Poor me LOL.

Oh… I also bought one magazine but I forget about it. See how forgetful I am!!!

My journey for the first day ended up with dinner in Shamrock hotel. After that, I directly went back to the hotel. I fall asleep in MRT too. So tired… hehehe. Luckily, I woke up before it was too late lol.

In conclusion, the trip is great. It is one destination that I love and will come here again.

Zai Zian 🙂

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Savor Stockholm, Sweden (Jan 15-16, 10)

I am still sick though I had 4 days off already. This is not so good :(. However, I don’t want to miss this flight. I heard that it is very difficult to get Stockholm flight when you bid for. That’s why I tried my best to make my self getting better.

The aircraft for the way coming to Stockholm (ARN) is A319. This is my first time operating this small aircraft. I was in R3A position which meant I didn’t have specific zone to take charge of. The crew on this trip is 4 including me. I am so lucky again to have my batchmate (Veevie) in the flight. Also, Mahmoud who I flew to Hyderabad with last month. He is really nice. I remember last time I was sick. He brought me medicine and kept asking if I was getting better. In general, I am happy with the set of crew :).

For passengers profile, most of them are Europeans. They are basically nice. However, they drink a lot. So, we had to make sure that we had enough alcohols to serve them. Gash bag was huge!!! We managed it well though. Thanks everyone for very good cooperation.

We arrived here at 8 pm (6 pm Doha time). Mahmoud said that it is getting dark at 3 pm. Surprised, right? Thus, we plan to go out early cuz 3 pm here is like 8 pm lol. The temperature is -2 degrees now. It is really cold. I am so excited cuz it is my first time traveling to the country that is so cold that it is snowing. During in the hotel bus, I couldn’t observe anything much cuz it was dark. However, I could feel that it is very beautiful country. The most exciting thing for me is seeing the ice on the trees, cars and almost everywhere.

The hotel we stay is Sheraton. I think I don’t have to explain how cool the hotel is. I will just explain by pics then hehehe.  Let’s see if you guys agree with me.


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Jakarta, Indonesia (Jan 6-8, 2010)

After Canton (Guangzhou) flight, I had little time to take some rest. Then, I operated the flight coming to Jakarta again. It was a very long flight as well. However, time passed so fast as I was busy in the galley with a friend of mine who arrived in Doha at the same day. It was her first time being a galley operator. So, I thought it would be nice helping her and getting myself ready for this position in the future. Time flied so fast as we were quite new with around 2 months experience. We did our best. Finally, things went well. I learned a lot from helping her this time. Sooner, I will have to be in the galley as senior crew tends to get this position. Besides, the staff number for QR’s staffs runs very fast. Though I have been flying for 2 months, I am almost the most senior crew for this flight LOL. I was so surprised.

The weather here is so hottttt comparing to the nice weather now in Doha lol. Nevertheless, it reminds me of Thailand. I am sure it will be so hot in Bkk. Crew rest hotel is Sheraton Bandara Hotel where it is very near to the airport. The flight time was somewhat 9 hours. We got here at 3 pm. The hotel is kind of big. In general, it looks good. Swimming pool is so nice that it attracts me to go swimming. I just don’t know how come I forget to bring swimming suit with me everytime I have layover flights. Poor me!!!

I was so tired when I got to the hotel. Anyway, I still didn’t forget to connect to the internet though it is not free and costs around USD 10 per 24 hours. I almost fall asleep in front of the computer lol. I felt hungry. So, I waited until the buffet time. Then, I called my friend but I guessed she was sleeping. I decided to go down and had dinner alone 😦 LOL.

Oh… I almost forget to tell you guys that I forgot the charger of my digital camera in Guangzhou. It made me really angry when I wanted to prepare things before the flight. I took so long time thinking where it was. Finally, I figured it out that I forgot in CAN. It was so bad as I am very crazy in taking pics. I just don’t know what to do without a camera lol. Luckily, I have a new canon digital camera. This one I haven’t used it yet. I also couldn’t find the charger. So, I thought I would just go back and find the charger for this new one later. However, I would definitely have to buy the charger for the old camera in Jakarta. So far I am not so sure if I can find it here. Hopefully, I will still have enough battery until the day I fly back to Doha. Such a sad story LOL.

Well, I thought of going out but I didn’t. Next time I will go for sure. By the way, there are so many mosquitoes here in Indonesia. That’s why they provide sth to protect mosquitoes in the room. I was wondering why they gave me these things in the room. Now I understand completely. If you have a chance to go there, don’t forget to try local food in the menu. It was so so good. During my stay there, I ordered everyday LOL. I am in love with it hehehe.

Though this time I didn’t do much things, I was happy with everything. I will go out and go to spa for sure if I get the flight coming here again :).

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Amazing Guangzhou, China (Jan 3-4, 10)

Right now it is 8.54 am in Guangzhou. I just came back from breakfast. Wow… unbelievable that food here is really nice. The atmosphere in and around the place I had buffet breakfast is awesome. Besides, the weather is so nice. In total, I gave 10 points to the hotel and the city hehehe. Luckily, I didn’t forget to bring my camera with me. Thus, I have tons of pics to let you guys see how amazing it is here.

Well, CAN (Guangzhou) is my first layover for the year 2010. It is such a nice feeling having a great time for the first layover of the year :). Don’t you agree?

Let’s go back to the flight before getting here. It was full loaded. Most PAX (passengers) were Nigerian. The rest which was just a bit is Chinese. Strange, isn’t it? However, it is true. I heard my supervisor told me that they come here to buy things as buyers and go back to sell these products which makes sense. CAN is a paradise for shoppers, including me LOL. I can’t help but spending a lot of money within few hours hehehe. It is somewhat my happiness. All right, let’s move on… I have no intention to blame or imply anything. However, CAN flight is very popular in the matters of smelly cabin. Due to this fact, I tried to open all air ventilation in the aircraft. Anyhow, it didn’t help much as the weather was cold. So, PAX tended to close their air ventilation. For me, it was not that bad as I tried not to breath that much when I walked through the cabin. Besides, I tried not to think so much so that I forgot about this issue somehow.

As a cabin crew, we have to accept and have culture awareness at all times. For some countries, some actions are very common for them but it sounds to be weird for some other countries. Therefore, knowing culture sensitivity helps you work smoothly in this career especially when you have to work with and deal with people from multi-cultural countries. LOL I don’t know but I feel I write so confused somehow today hehehe.

Honestly, I am not impressed with crew on this trip that much. Like I always say that crew are very important. They can make your journey meaningful or even worst to think of it. However, it is good for you to manage and adapt yourself to them. I can feel that teamwork is really important in this job. Also, the communication among crew, supervisors is essential. The only thing I am impressed with this flight is about captain. I was so surprised when captain came out from the cockpit to say hello to passengers in the cabin. So far, I have never seen captain coming out from the cockpit to greet passengers at all. I think this is really good and makes passengers feel that they are important for the airline.

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My forever MV :)… (Kiss Because I’m A Girl)

This is a Korean mv called “Kiss – Because I am a girl”. It is what I have been searching for. So strange that I am always forgetful. However, I could find this mv within only one search. It’s been for many years already. Everytime I watch it, I can’t stop but crying like a river. It is so touching and …is my favorite mv. So sad but it shows you the real love maybe..

Kiss Because I am a Girl…

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My personal type quizz…Interesting!!! (Jan 1, 10)

You are : The Nurturer (ISFJ)

In general, ISFJs are sympathetic, loyal, considerate, and conscientious. They will go to any amount of trouble, when it makes sense to them, to help those in need. ISFJs operate most comfortably in situations where the rules are well defined and where traditions are to be upheld. They focus on providing practical help and services for others, and for the organizations they serve. They are often self-effacing in getting the job done, and they are willing to make necessary sacrifices, especially for their families. They are at their best quietly providing assistance and making sure things are in proper order. Read more about the ISFJ life, the ISFJ at work, or the ISFJ in love.

You are an Introvert

You scored 16% in the direction of Introversion, which means you are an Introvert. Introverts are more reserved, quiet, and contemplative than most. While they enjoy socializing, they also can become absorbed in private thought and enjoy time alone.

You are clearly a Sensor

You scored 90% in the direction of Sensing, which means you are clearly a Sensor. People who are clearly Sensors are down to earth and sensible. They trust facts and experience over ideas and imagination, and have a knack for noticing and remembering details. They focus on the present and living life as it is, holding tradition in high regard.

You are a Feeler

You scored 5% in the direction of Feeling, which means you are a Feeler. Feelers are caring, supportive, and appreciative. They naturally reach out to other people, preferring to cooperate and agree rather than argue over who is right. They are comfortable with emotions, both their own and those of others.

You are clearly a Judger

You scored 79% in the direction of Judging, which means you are clearly a Judger. People who are clearly Judgers love to make decisions. Organized and thorough in their work, they make and stick to plans. One of life’s small pleasures for them is checking off items on their to-do lists. Every thing in their lives has its place, and they are diligent about putting it there.

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Happy New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year 2010

First of all, Happy New Year 2010 to everyone. I felt so good going out today though I didn’t have any specific plan to celebrate new year with lol. Unbelievable that there would be so many people in Villagio (most of them were Qatari). I almost counted down with taxi driver. This is so funny hehehe. Well, let’s see how I spent time for New Year 2010. I went to carrefour in Villagio lol. That’s it.

However, I had a great time and it was nice to see people having a great time there.


Location: LLOOLL Don’t make fun of me okay? Humm… Villagio and Mattar Qadeem building (my accommodation)  lol.
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Corniche Bay (Dec 28, 09)

I finally got to visit Corniche Bay officially. Today is my last day off before leaving for Algiers, Algeria tomorrow morning. Luckily, I got a chance to go and take beautiful pics in Corniche. If you wanna take pics, I recommend that the day time is much better than the night time as you can’t see anything at night LOL.

Well, I searched for info about Corniche Bay. I suppose it will be useful for someone that has no idea about this attraction place in Doha :).

The Corniche Bay, Qatar is a 7-kilometre long stretch. The Qatar attraction runs along the coastline of Arabian Gulf. Corniche is a prefect place to walk, cycle and rollerblade along with viewing spectacular surroundings.

Corniche Bay, Qatar has beautiful paved path, a walk on the bay is a must. This tourist site is perfect for family picnics as the area is fully landscaped. You can also take your family to a restaurant that serves your favorite cuisine and also suits your pocket. Many popular restaurants are situated at the Corniche Bay, Qatar so choose the one that suits your needs the most.

Parking is not a problem as Corniche Bay, Qatar has ample parking space. This attraction is frequently visited by locals as well as the tourists. Your trip to Qatar will not be complete until you visit and appreciate the beauty of Corniche Bay, Qatar and its surroundings.

Location: Qatar, Doha

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