Posted by: TaM | February 24, 2011

I ♥ flying and traveling.

So many reasons why I ♥ flying and traveling…

picture from observation window ^^…

Many people may think that being a cabin crew is not different from being a servant, but just in the sky. More or less, I do agree. However, we have so many more responsibilities than that especially taking care of passenger lives.

I do enjoy flying and traveling cuz…

—  I have got to work in multi-cultural environment. It makes me realize how people are different based on their cultures and beliefs. It is always good to know and learn to adjust myself with others.


During fire fighting training…


When operating the flight with other crew…


—  I love traveling the world… I am so excited and happy everytime I land into different countries. I feel like there are so many things to discover more and more in this life. It makes me realize how big  this world is. Everywhere I go, I have got to learn new things. It is such a splendid feeling!!!


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