Posted by: TaM | February 21, 2011

My first LV…

May 27, 2010… I had a flight to Frankfurt (FRA). Many friends told me that it is the best place to buy brand name bags and easily get tax refund. Personally, I like LV but it was so costly for me to own it. However, I just wanted to give reward to myself for my hard working life as a crew ^^. Fortunately, I had a friend taking me to city area where there are so many brand name shops. Honestly, I didn’t prepare myself to buy it this time. Nevertheless, my friend wanted to buy it for her friend. So, it was a good chance for me to buy it this time.

It doesn’t take much time to go into the city. The hardest thing is trying to understand German as much as you can hehehe.

Here I am…

Hello from LV shop (Frankfurt)

When going inside the shop, I wanted to buy more than 1 bag LOL. Woman and shopping seem to be something that is going together somehow T T. Well, finally, I have got this one. I didn’t regret that I bought it cuz the quality and material are really nice!!! I even want to buy another kind of bag to my dad too (“,).

Once getting back to the hotel, the first thing I did was taking pics of my new bag. Welcome to my life, my little LV.

One more pic for closer view :).

Until today, I love to take it with me almost wherever I go. So happy ^^…


  1. Wow! great choice of bag! =)

    • Thank you :).

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