Posted by: TaM | February 13, 2011

Colombo (CMB), Sri Lanka

I was so glad when I knew that I would get a chance to come back to Colombo (CMB) again. Yes, there is a very great memory for me here. That’s why I feel so good and warm to be back again. The reason is cuz in June 2009 I applied for QR here and I got selected from here. That’s why CMB is always in my heart cuz it reminds me of great things I experienced. The most important thing is that CMB gives me a life with Qatar Airways. That’s why there is Tam Tam who is exploring and traveling the world by now :).

Okay, let’s go straight to the point. The way coming to CMB was A330 and it was full!!!! I was assigned to be a galley operator. It would be great if they gave me an empty cart to store things. However, the fact is there was no empty cart at all. So, I was so tired!!! Moreover, crew assigned in this trip is not so impressive. I guess I don’t have to explain and elaborate lol. Yeah, it is like that. Nothing to say more…. :). Well, I still survive with my positive thinking lol.

Sometimes it is too much for 4 hours flight but I have to do everything including handover paper, magic box and blah blah blah without anyone helping me.

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