Posted by: TaM | February 8, 2010

New Delhi, India (Feb 5, 2010)

I don’t know if I should be happy or sad as I saw parents of a crew waiting for her at the lobby of the hotel. In fact, I feel happy for them that they finally get to see each other. Can you imagine the pic of mom, dad and their daughter hugging each other warmly in the lobby? Yes, I am happy to see that. At the same time, it reminds me of my mom. I instantly felt something in my heart. Sigh…

Well well, let’s come back to the story of my India trip.

Passenger’s load : Full full full load…

Passenger’s profile : They are quite demanding. Don’t be surprised if all of them wanna have a cup of water once they are on their seats. So, it will be a great idea to get ready by preparing trayssss of water. If not, when you go to the cabin, they will keep asking and asking you again and again. Then, your job will never be done. They also drink a lot. Unbelievable that the catering has to prepare enough spirits for this sector. Oh well…

Flying time : It is kinda short. We don’t have time to eat at all. We had to do things in a rush. Also, we haven’t finished the service yet, it is top of descend (TOD) already :(.

Alright, the info above is all what I can think of now. I will write more if I can figure other things out.

I planned with my friend to go to Taj Mahal. However, it was sad cuz they close on Friday (>_<). You know what… it takes like 3-4 hours going there and also 3-4 hours coming back. Though I had only 23 hours there, I wanted to visit Taj Mahal. At least, once in a life time. That’s why I was so disappointed :(. Oh well, we had to change the plan according to the situation by visiting the popular markets and seeing things around Delhi instead.

Eventually, we got to 2 popular markets. I have got to widen my vision once again. Everytime I travel, I find that everything is so interesting for me esp when I go to the country that I have never been before. India is my first time as well. The weather was cold by the time we got there. If you plan to go shopping there, you can bargain the price like 1/3. For the local foods, thanks to my friend, Sebastian, he likes trying new food and new things. That’s why I got a chance to try some of local foods. It was nice. Though we had only 23 hours and we missed Taj Mahal, I and my friend had a good time chilling out around there.

I went shopping as well. I have got so many long pants to wear when I am at home lol. It is nice cuz the price in Doha is considerably high. Then, I have got some brand name clothes. However, I supposed I went there too early and they didn’t fully open yet. That’s why. I heard from my friends that they have brand name’s clothes in a very cheap price. I looked forward to buying those though lol.

Though it was a hectic flight on the way going to Delhi, the rest was great for me. I am quite impressed with the trip.

So lucky as this is the first layover flight for New Delhi. Normally, it is always turnaround flights. Moreover, only this month that we have layover flights in India. I still have one more India flight going to Amritza. I am kinda excited to visit there. Stay tuned, dude!!!

Location: New Delhi, India

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