Posted by: TaM | January 21, 2010

Wandering in Hong Kong (Jan 20-21,10)

I have been to Hong Kong so many times already but not with QR. So, this is my first time in HK as a crew :).

I was so lucky again cuz PAX (passengers) load was only 92 hehehe. Wow… I heard that normally PAX on this flight is always full. My CS (Cabin Senior) asked if I mind to be mid-galley. I told her that I wanted to do it hehehe. Anyway, there was nothing in mid-galley at all. Thus, all I did was just magic box, hand over cart, and counting some stocks in mid-galley. That’s it.

There is a Thai crew joining this flight apart from me; Oui. She is actually F1 but this flight had so many F1 already. So, she was assigned to help us in Economy class. It was good cuz she was in R2 position whereas I was in L2 hehehe. So, we chatted a lot hehehe.

Flight time was around 7 hours if I am not wrong. I am so forgetful sigh…. It seemed to be so long, right? Nevertheless, when the time comes, 7 hours seemed to be nothing. PAX for this flight was not demanding that much :). Well, some are but very fewwwww. Most of them are nice.

In short, my experience for HK flight was great. Things hasn’t changed much from the last time I came here except for a lot more people this time :). It was so crowded. Besides, now I am here as a crew, not a tourist anymore ^^. The weather here is fairly similar to that of DOHA. I love the weather here.

Many friends told me that the hotel is so great. Now I know that it is really as it is very new. The room is so big and nice. The carpet is blue hehehe. Facilities in room are perfect. So, it is flawless!!!

QR is so good cuz they give us free 2 MTR ticket vouchers from Asia world-expo to the city. If not, it costs us around HKD 100 which is around 50 Baht.

Though it was a long flight, I decided to go out once I got few hours rest in the hotel. I think it would be better to go out today cuz I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. So, if I am ready and there is nothing for me, I should go. I appointed with Oui. We went out together. However, she appointed her friend at HongKong station. I got off MRT at Kowloon station. We separated there. I feel comfortable with HK as I have visited here many times already. Thus, it is not hard for me to get around at all. I asked taxi to go to Nathan road where I always go if I am in HK. I love HK though things have been changedddd. I mean I’m in HK now. The same HK but the different situation and different state of mind LOLLLLL. Sounds weird but it is me (⊙_◎).

The highlight was SHOPPING lol. I enjoy shopping here very much. This time I went to Bossini but a bit disappointed for women cloth as they didn’t have cool styles like they always do :(. Keep moving on to Giordano… I found a gift to give to my dad hehehe. Am I a nice daughter??? Oh yes, HK reminds me of Chinese New Year which is coming soon too. That’s why it is a great time to buy my dad a gift :). The most favorite shop for me this time in HK is ESPRIT lol. I’ve got so many cool skirts here. Wow… so great. I miss the time when I went to EDC shop and bought skirts from there. Now, those skirts are at home and my lovely sis wears them lol. I didn’t bring even one with me :(. After that, one more shop that stole a lot of my money everytime is SASA; nice cosmetics shop which has so many good cosmetics from Japan, Korea. I spent time there many hours lol. I finally felt hungry. I wanted to eat HK fried rice a lot. I went to one restaurant but I was so sad cuz they didn’t have it. I went to another restaurant. It was in Shamrock hotel where I used to stay :(. This place reminds me of sth again Sigh…  Well, I’d rather enjoy food lol. So, I ordered HK fried rice hehehe. What’s more…. hummm…. Timsum of course hehehe. Wow.. my dinner was so nice though I ate alone. Poor me LOL.

Oh… I also bought one magazine but I forget about it. See how forgetful I am!!!

My journey for the first day ended up with dinner in Shamrock hotel. After that, I directly went back to the hotel. I fall asleep in MRT too. So tired… hehehe. Luckily, I woke up before it was too late lol.

In conclusion, the trip is great. It is one destination that I love and will come here again.

Zai Zian 🙂

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