Posted by: TaM | January 15, 2010

Savor Stockholm, Sweden (Jan 15-16, 10)

I am still sick though I had 4 days off already. This is not so good :(. However, I don’t want to miss this flight. I heard that it is very difficult to get Stockholm flight when you bid for. That’s why I tried my best to make my self getting better.

The aircraft for the way coming to Stockholm (ARN) is A319. This is my first time operating this small aircraft. I was in R3A position which meant I didn’t have specific zone to take charge of. The crew on this trip is 4 including me. I am so lucky again to have my batchmate (Veevie) in the flight. Also, Mahmoud who I flew to Hyderabad with last month. He is really nice. I remember last time I was sick. He brought me medicine and kept asking if I was getting better. In general, I am happy with the set of crew :).

For passengers profile, most of them are Europeans. They are basically nice. However, they drink a lot. So, we had to make sure that we had enough alcohols to serve them. Gash bag was huge!!! We managed it well though. Thanks everyone for very good cooperation.

We arrived here at 8 pm (6 pm Doha time). Mahmoud said that it is getting dark at 3 pm. Surprised, right? Thus, we plan to go out early cuz 3 pm here is like 8 pm lol. The temperature is -2 degrees now. It is really cold. I am so excited cuz it is my first time traveling to the country that is so cold that it is snowing. During in the hotel bus, I couldn’t observe anything much cuz it was dark. However, I could feel that it is very beautiful country. The most exciting thing for me is seeing the ice on the trees, cars and almost everywhere.

The hotel we stay is Sheraton. I think I don’t have to explain how cool the hotel is. I will just explain by pics then hehehe.  Let’s see if you guys agree with me.


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