Posted by: TaM | January 6, 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia (Jan 6-8, 2010)

After Canton (Guangzhou) flight, I had little time to take some rest. Then, I operated the flight coming to Jakarta again. It was a very long flight as well. However, time passed so fast as I was busy in the galley with a friend of mine who arrived in Doha at the same day. It was her first time being a galley operator. So, I thought it would be nice helping her and getting myself ready for this position in the future. Time flied so fast as we were quite new with around 2 months experience. We did our best. Finally, things went well. I learned a lot from helping her this time. Sooner, I will have to be in the galley as senior crew tends to get this position. Besides, the staff number for QR’s staffs runs very fast. Though I have been flying for 2 months, I am almost the most senior crew for this flight LOL. I was so surprised.

The weather here is so hottttt comparing to the nice weather now in Doha lol. Nevertheless, it reminds me of Thailand. I am sure it will be so hot in Bkk. Crew rest hotel is Sheraton Bandara Hotel where it is very near to the airport. The flight time was somewhat 9 hours. We got here at 3 pm. The hotel is kind of big. In general, it looks good. Swimming pool is so nice that it attracts me to go swimming. I just don’t know how come I forget to bring swimming suit with me everytime I have layover flights. Poor me!!!

I was so tired when I got to the hotel. Anyway, I still didn’t forget to connect to the internet though it is not free and costs around USD 10 per 24 hours. I almost fall asleep in front of the computer lol. I felt hungry. So, I waited until the buffet time. Then, I called my friend but I guessed she was sleeping. I decided to go down and had dinner alone 😦 LOL.

Oh… I almost forget to tell you guys that I forgot the charger of my digital camera in Guangzhou. It made me really angry when I wanted to prepare things before the flight. I took so long time thinking where it was. Finally, I figured it out that I forgot in CAN. It was so bad as I am very crazy in taking pics. I just don’t know what to do without a camera lol. Luckily, I have a new canon digital camera. This one I haven’t used it yet. I also couldn’t find the charger. So, I thought I would just go back and find the charger for this new one later. However, I would definitely have to buy the charger for the old camera in Jakarta. So far I am not so sure if I can find it here. Hopefully, I will still have enough battery until the day I fly back to Doha. Such a sad story LOL.

Well, I thought of going out but I didn’t. Next time I will go for sure. By the way, there are so many mosquitoes here in Indonesia. That’s why they provide sth to protect mosquitoes in the room. I was wondering why they gave me these things in the room. Now I understand completely. If you have a chance to go there, don’t forget to try local food in the menu. It was so so good. During my stay there, I ordered everyday LOL. I am in love with it hehehe.

Though this time I didn’t do much things, I was happy with everything. I will go out and go to spa for sure if I get the flight coming here again :).


  1. Hello, Tam, I just found your blog and am completely amused with your writings here. I envy your job and wish I could be a cabin crew like you someday hehehe. Keep on writing 🙂

    Anyway, I live in Jakarta. What hotel were you staying at in these pictures? Is it the Sheraton?

  2. Hello :), I am happy you like reading it. Yup, it is fun but tired as well hehehe.

    You are right, it was Sheraton. How do you know?

  3. It’s because of the view. And the “S” logo in one of your pictures above, the one before you posed by the swimming pool.

    Keep on writing, TaM. So many young girls out there (including me) have a dream of being a flight attendant. We wanna see places we haven’t been yet. You have the chance and I’m glad you share the experience to us 🙂

    Anyway, I’ll try my luck for Qatar Recruitment Campaign this Saturday in Jakarta. Wish me luck 🙂

  4. Smart girl hehehe. Thanks a lot for inspiring me to write more and more. Actually, I feel the same way as you said. I feel that it will be better if I can share my great experiences with friends who want to be a cabin crew or who want to know how it is like (“,).

    Best of luck for QR recruitment on this coming Saturday!!!

  5. Hi Tam,

    stumbled upon your blog..and glad to know there’s someone enjoying her job so much as you do. I’ll be arriving in Doha this coming 17th April btw.. please tell me they won’t eat me alive there. hahah..

    would love to have further chat with you if please email me if that won’t be a hassle to you 🙂


    • Hi Fey,

      First of all, congrats to you for being QR crew very soon. I am sure you are very excited by now. Yes, I do love my job. It is very rewarding though tiring sometimes.

      Don’t worry, they will keep you alive to work for them LOLLLL.

      I am glad to know you and thanks for reading my blog. Btw, where are you from???

      Have a nice day :).

      • I’m from indonesia..and yes, excited though sad to leave the people i love here.. i wonder how often i can go back home hahah.. it true that for the first year the crew will only fly around GCC area and india? a bit disappointed if it’s true lol..

        it’s a nice blog to read, keep up the good work! and hopefully we’ll meet in doha in the future..

        have a great day..and wish me luck for flying tomorrow! 😀

      • Hi Fey, I know how you feel but don’t worry. You will be able to go home when you have flight going to Jakarta :).

        It is not true at all. I flew almost all destinations when I flew for the first year. So, you will get to go everywhere if you bid for the flights and you have got it ^^.

        Have a safe flight coming here tmr. All the best!!!

  6. Hi there! I read your blog and it was truly inspiring..My name is Marge from the Philippines… There’s gonna be a cabin crew recruitment event here in Manila this Saturday July 23.. I’m one of the many who aspires to become one of QA’s cabin crew.. Would you give me some advice on how to prepare for the event and the processes involve for the application? Actually it’s my first time to apply as a cabin crew… hope to hear from you… Take care

    • Hi Marge, very sorry for late reply. I have just seen your comment here. How was the recruitment in Manila? I wish you the best.
      My advice for you is doing your best and be yourself. There will be a preliminary scanning; which means you will submit your cv with the interviewer. If you pass, you will get the phone call to do English tests and group discussion in the next day. If all goes well, there will be the final interview in the following day.


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