Posted by: TaM | January 4, 2010

Amazing Guangzhou, China (Jan 3-4, 10)

Right now it is 8.54 am in Guangzhou. I just came back from breakfast. Wow… unbelievable that food here is really nice. The atmosphere in and around the place I had buffet breakfast is awesome. Besides, the weather is so nice. In total, I gave 10 points to the hotel and the city hehehe. Luckily, I didn’t forget to bring my camera with me. Thus, I have tons of pics to let you guys see how amazing it is here.

Well, CAN (Guangzhou) is my first layover for the year 2010. It is such a nice feeling having a great time for the first layover of the year :). Don’t you agree?

Let’s go back to the flight before getting here. It was full loaded. Most PAX (passengers) were Nigerian. The rest which was just a bit is Chinese. Strange, isn’t it? However, it is true. I heard my supervisor told me that they come here to buy things as buyers and go back to sell these products which makes sense. CAN is a paradise for shoppers, including me LOL. I can’t help but spending a lot of money within few hours hehehe. It is somewhat my happiness. All right, let’s move on… I have no intention to blame or imply anything. However, CAN flight is very popular in the matters of smelly cabin. Due to this fact, I tried to open all air ventilation in the aircraft. Anyhow, it didn’t help much as the weather was cold. So, PAX tended to close their air ventilation. For me, it was not that bad as I tried not to breath that much when I walked through the cabin. Besides, I tried not to think so much so that I forgot about this issue somehow.

As a cabin crew, we have to accept and have culture awareness at all times. For some countries, some actions are very common for them but it sounds to be weird for some other countries. Therefore, knowing culture sensitivity helps you work smoothly in this career especially when you have to work with and deal with people from multi-cultural countries. LOL I don’t know but I feel I write so confused somehow today hehehe.

Honestly, I am not impressed with crew on this trip that much. Like I always say that crew are very important. They can make your journey meaningful or even worst to think of it. However, it is good for you to manage and adapt yourself to them. I can feel that teamwork is really important in this job. Also, the communication among crew, supervisors is essential. The only thing I am impressed with this flight is about captain. I was so surprised when captain came out from the cockpit to say hello to passengers in the cabin. So far, I have never seen captain coming out from the cockpit to greet passengers at all. I think this is really good and makes passengers feel that they are important for the airline.

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