Posted by: TaM | December 28, 2009

Corniche Bay (Dec 28, 09)

I finally got to visit Corniche Bay officially. Today is my last day off before leaving for Algiers, Algeria tomorrow morning. Luckily, I got a chance to go and take beautiful pics in Corniche. If you wanna take pics, I recommend that the day time is much better than the night time as you can’t see anything at night LOL.

Well, I searched for info about Corniche Bay. I suppose it will be useful for someone that has no idea about this attraction place in Doha :).

The Corniche Bay, Qatar is a 7-kilometre long stretch. The Qatar attraction runs along the coastline of Arabian Gulf. Corniche is a prefect place to walk, cycle and rollerblade along with viewing spectacular surroundings.

Corniche Bay, Qatar has beautiful paved path, a walk on the bay is a must. This tourist site is perfect for family picnics as the area is fully landscaped. You can also take your family to a restaurant that serves your favorite cuisine and also suits your pocket. Many popular restaurants are situated at the Corniche Bay, Qatar so choose the one that suits your needs the most.

Parking is not a problem as Corniche Bay, Qatar has ample parking space. This attraction is frequently visited by locals as well as the tourists. Your trip to Qatar will not be complete until you visit and appreciate the beauty of Corniche Bay, Qatar and its surroundings.

Location: Qatar, Doha

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