Posted by: TaM | December 16, 2009

Hanging out in Doha…

Dec 16, 2009 --> It is time to go to Irish Pub for the first time lol. One of my friend said that I need to go out and know more about Doha. I felt so embarrassed :(. That's why today's event took place hehehe. Nah, I just wanted to know more about Doha. So, we decided to go to Irish Pub to see night life. I was so hungry. I ordered this dish. It was Salmon smoke sth if I am not wrong lol. It was around 50 ryals lol. Well, it made me full hehehe.

Time to take pic hehehe...

I want one pic for myself as well :).

2 of us taken by Tam...

One more shot at W hotel by me hehehe.

Christmas tree is so cute and beautiful here. That's why I can't stop but taking some of pics as usual ^^.

Now, it is my turn. I like it though.

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