Posted by: TaM | December 9, 2009

When I get sick…

After coming back from Kathmadu, I haven’t felt so good. I have had diarrhea. Also, I felt like I was sick. I still operated the flights as usual. I didn’t want to call sick cuz it will have an effect on my performance. That’s why I had to try to take it. I know it doesn’t sound too good but I have no choice :(.

Then, I was allergic with something I didn’t really know. Luckily, I brought Caramile with me. So, I could apply to my skin before going to see the doctor. I had 2 more flights to operate before getting 5 days off in a row. Anyway, once I finished those 2 flights, I got sick severely. My skin was all red with big and small spotssss. It looked so scary. I couldn’t stop itching at all. This is so bad. You know, when I get sick, the only one I think of is my mom. It is always like this even when I am not sick. Mom is the only one whom I love the most. I don’t know why. She is the one who will never make me sad or cry.

I went to Doha clinic with a friend of mine. It was not far but it was a bit hard to get any transportation. I wanted to change my skin right away as it was so irritating. The doctor told me that I had to get an injection. I said okay. I asked her left or right hand side?? She told me no, hip lol. OMG, it was my first time getting vaccination there. She said it was quite strong medicine that’s why the best way is to give it at your hip. I am not afraid of the needle at all. However, this one was so scary. I felt I couldn’t walk properly. Hahaha… The doctor also gave me medication that I would take only for bedtime. This vaccine made me so sleepy. I almost couldn’t grab money in my hand lol. Poor me!!!

I told myself that I was so lucky that I had more days off in a row so that I could take enough rest and make sure that my sickness is totally gone. I don’t really know why I got this allergy. I hope I won’t get it anymore. This is more than enough.

I had dinner at Dairy Queen tonight. It is like McDonald’s. The price is quite expensive for me. Humm.. not really actually. One fish burger with fries and one pepsi cost me like 25 ryals (250 B in Thailand). It’s okay though. I should try new things so that it is called the taste of  life hehehe.

Well well, it is time to go to bed now. My next trip will be Madrid. This is my dream destination as well. I would like to go to Europe so much. I can’t believe that I will get what I wanna have in real like this. I am so lucky. Thanks to my dad and my mom for giving me such a beautiful life though I don’t have much time to take care of you, mom.

She is and will aways be in my mind no matter where I go and how long time passes me by...

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