Posted by: TaM | November 15, 2009

Yeah, I finally got to go to new place… The Pearl and Diplomatic Club wow^^.

Life in Doha is not that exciting cuz I hardly go anywhere save for Villagio, City Center lol. That’s it. Due to the lack of transportation, we can’t go anywhere we want to go. That’s why it is the limitation. However, I am so lucky as I have got a chance to go to “The Pearl” and “Diplomatic Club”. These two places are absolutely different from the place we have been before. The pearl is kind of new and still not completely done. It is like a big kingdom which is seperated from Doha lol. It’s not though. My friend borrowed my SD card. She hasn’t given me back yet. So, I went there without my lovely digital camera. I felt so disappointed cuz there were so many beautiful things that I should have taken pics (>_<). It is gorgeous. Wow… I promise that I will take pics for sure next time. Nevertheless, it is quite far from our place. That’s not so good :(.

After that, I had a chance to visit Diplomatic Club. Wow, I heard that most of people who are here are professional. The place itself is quite good and elegant. We went to have dinner there. You have any idea how much it cost??? lol 700 QR. Kind of expensive, isn’t it? lol My roommate smoke Shisha. Shisha is widespread here. In my opinion, it is just a way to smoke. I didn’t try it though.

In summary, I had a great time today especially I have got to see the new things I have never seen before in Doha. It is just the new experience :). I will try to get more pics to show you guys asap hehehe.

It’s time to go to bed zzzzzzzzzzz…

Bye guyssssss!!!

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