Posted by: TaM | November 15, 2009

Tripoli (Lybian) and Casablanca (Nov 13-14, 2009)

Well, I don’t know where and how to start lol. Hum… perhaps it is cuz I didn’t have much time there. It was like only 15 hours there I guess. So, I went nowhere. Besides, people in the country don’t speak English that much. So, it is quite hard to communicate with them. Btw, it is still my great experience. I hope I will get to explore there with the better feelings next time lol.

The hotel doesn’t give us the internet access for free. Also, the electricity there is not the same like in Doha or BKK though it is 220 volts. I rent an adaptor from them. I brought the adaptor that should have worked well with their adaptor. However, it doesn’t work. I was so frustrated. My laptop’s battery was going to run out. I called and asked someone to fix it for me. A guy came to my room but he couldn’t do anything for me. So, it was just useless. I couldn’t use my laptop anymore :(. It was so sad and made me upset. Well, at that time it was like 8 pm already. I don’t think it is a good idea to go out at night as I don’t know many places there. So, I just stayed in the hotel. Then, I fall asleep until 4 am lol. I guess I was too tired lol. When I woke up, I was so hungry. So, I called the room service to order some food. I asked them about the food but they didn’t seem to understand me. They talked to me with their language which I really didn’t understand. So, it was not an effective communication. Utterly, I ended up ordering whatever I liked in the menu. It was fish fillet something. Sounds good though. I wanted to drink cold coffee. Later on, I called the room service again and asked them for coffee. He came to the room. I asked him if he has ice coffee. Now, he still didn’t seem to understand what I was saying. I tried to talk to him again and again. Then, he said yes he would do that for me. Guess what… he came back with a small jug of coffee and a small jug of creamer. What surprised me is a glass of ice. I said to myself “what is this?”. I know that they don’t speak English much. Thus, I tried to understand them and told him that it was okay. I carried the tray of coffee and a cup of ice with the the feeling that he was so straightforward. Eventually, I ended up drinking hot coffee lol and used ice with my water. Anyway, it is good to learn and know that they don’t speak English in common. Next time I will get ready and search for more info so that I could cope up with the situations there. I will go out next time and have fun there.

About the flight there, it was full loaded both outbound and inbound. Naturally, passengers in this flight are quite demanding. They all speak Arabic. It is again quite hard for us to understand them. However, we got over it finally. I have got to know that women especially who are not Muslim are not supposed to touch the Koran bible. FYI, “The Koran”  is the primary source of every Muslim’s faith and practice. It deals with all the subjects that concern all human beings: wisdom, beliefs, worship, and law. However, it focuses on the relationship between God and His creatures. It also provides guidelines for a just society, proper human relationships and equal divisions of power. I accidentally had to take it cuz it was on the seat where another passenger wanted to sit. I could do nothing but asked that passenger for his boarding pass. He gave me and I found out that it was the seat where there was the Koran on the seat. I first thought that it was a diary for arabic people. That’s why I took it with me and asked that passenger to sit down. Then, I tried to find the owner of this Koran. Once I walked to the forward cabin, my friend who is Arabic told me that I am not supposed to take or carry that Koran. I was a bit confused and asked her for a reason. She told me. Then, I said I was sorry as I didn’t know about this before. At the same time, I found the owner of this Koran and I said sorry about carrying his book as I didn’t know about things in his religious. Yup, it is a sensitive issue. Now I know and won’t do the same mistake again.

I got home and was so tired. However, I couldn’t stop myself from surfing internet lol. I didn’t take many pics for this trip as the time was not allowed me to do so. I will next time then hehehe.


As it is only the transit flight in Lybian, I couldn't really touch and feel the country. All I could do is only taking pics in the airport. I like the one with 9999 though. So colorful :).


One more shot in the airport.


I guess there is nothing much in Lybian cuz all I could see seems to be like a field with trees.


On the way to Casablanca. QR in the sky hehehe...


Another view from observation window. See, it is always clean and clear according to SEP training Hahaha.


Me in dining jacket. I have never had pics with apron before hehehe.


I was assigned to be R4 when coming back to Doha.

Okay, now let’s take a look at the hotel where I stayed in Casablanca. It is quite nice.


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