Posted by: TaM | November 10, 2009

The first layover flight : Doha-Shanghai-Doha (Nov 8, 09)

I just got back from Shanghai layover flight. It was terrific. I am glad that my first layover flight makes me feel so good like this cuz it means that it is a good start for the future.

We left Doha at night and arrived Shanghai in late afternoon. The flight was around 9-10 hours. For me, it was the first long flight I operated. Most passengers were Chinese. They couldn’t speak English much. Luckily, I can speak Chinese just a little bit lol. Thanks to my mom :). Outbound passengers were quite full. I was a bit excited about it. As I was quite new, I was still afraid of doing something wrong during the flight. So, I tried to do my best to avoid those unnecessary mistakes. I was assigned to be R3 and L3. It means I have to responsible my own door when it comes to arm and disarm the aircraft door. Passengers were not demanding so much which is good for us. We had to response to call bell from passengers as fast as possible. However, the call bells during this flight happened cuz they accidentally pressed the button. So, we just had to reset and ask if they want anything or not.

By the time we arrived Shanghai was like late afternoon, I was a bit tired but still okay. I was excited to see the country and new people here. Apart from that, the weather was so nice. I like cold weather. Thus, it even made my trip fresher hehehe.

We waited for hotel bus to pick us up from the airport. It took around 40 mins to get there. When I entered the hotel, I had to say that it is a beautiful and clean hotel. I suppose that the quality and the standard of this hotel is also high. My room is so big. It is lovely and very comfortable. Everything was just wonderful. I was so happy to be there.

I and my friend decided to get some rest as we were fairly tired from the flight. We appointed each other around 7 pm so that we could go out and find sth to eat. By that time, we were so starving lol. I didn’t have time to exchange money before going there. So, it is quite a big problem cuz I had to look for the ATM to cash money out. Hae Sung wanted to get massage. I then went to the stationary shop and had fun shopping things there hehehe. Afterwards, we went to cash out some money from ATM and went to have dinner at Chinese restaurant. It wassss so good hehehe. We ended up that night with the decent manicure and pedicure lol.

The day after was the day we were supposed to go back. We only had time in the morning to go shopping at underground market which is very popular for shopping here. We went there around 9.30 am and had to catch up the bus going back to the hotel at 12.30 hrs. The weather was so nice. It was cloudy but wowww… so cold. I just love it. When the weather is nice, it even makes me wanna stay there longer.

We bought so many things back to Doha lol. The pick up time was 9.30 pm. So, when we finished our lunch, we had to go back to the hotel to sleep. If not, we wouldn’t be able to operate the flight throughout the night. The time to stay in Shanghai this time was so short. I wish I could stay there longer. It’s okay. I will bid and go there again for sure.

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