Posted by: TaM | November 7, 2009

Second flight hehehe ; Doha-Dubai-Doha (Nov 6, 2009) A330

After coming back from Bahrain in the morning, I went to sleep instantly cuz I would have the flight at night again going to Dubai. The bus picked me up around 18.54 hrs. Luckily, briefing went well for me today hehehe. I worked with another Thai crew; Aey. She was a galley operator (kitchen of the aircraft lol). Passenger load was not that much today. So, I was assigned to be R3. I am so glad that I was changed to do any other positions apart from R4A or R4C hehehe. It is my first time that I had to arm and disarm my own door. I was quite excited. However, things went well. Thanks everyone and mom for your support. I always tell my mom where I am going so that she could go with me and protect me wherever I go. Miss you so much, my beloved mom. All crew in this flight are all females lol unlike my observation flights. I had a wonderful time as I wish. I thought back when I was a passenger. I have never thought that being a cabin crew would be so much difficult like this. When it comes to you, you will get to feel and know that it is not that easy at all. It requires more than just service skill. I will talk about this more afterwards as it is gonna be soooooo long in detail. Well, I still didn’t miss to take pics again lol. Maybe, you guys will think that I am so crazy. It’s okay cuz I love it. I am happy everytime I come back and take a look of these pics. Let’s take a look…


Cabin crew jump seat hehehe. However, today I was in R3 position. I was excited when I heard the announcement from CSD that "cabin crew armed door for departure and cross check" lol and also "disarmed for arrival and cross check". It is like Tarek took his eyes on me. So scary lol.


This is Airbus 330... (To Dubai on the Nov 6, 2009)





I am so tired and so sleepy now. It is time to go to bed. Tomorrow I will have the flight to Shanghai. Thus, I am sure I will have so many things to update here lol. Goodnight guys!!!


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