Posted by: TaM | November 6, 2009

My first official flight (Nov 6, 09) : Doha-Bahrain-Doha (Super coo

Bahrain is the shortest flight. It takes around 30-40 mins. Therefore, everything has to be done very quick so that we could finish in time and be ready to disembark all passengers. To be continued…..

A 320

I wish someone could take pics of me and the aircraft. Humm... I didn't want to ask other crew as it may seem funny to them lol. I will once I get to fly with crew whom I feel comfortable to ask him or her to do so. So, just take a look at the aircraft A320 without me first (",).

Picture 002

Again, I took pic of the atmosphere around me before take off. I find myself that I love this job hehehe...

Tam Tam on board ^^...

Well, at least, I wanted to have pic of me on my first flight. Here it is... it's not that good but I am happy and I like it. Hoorayyyyyy...welcome on board :).

Kingdom of Bahrain

Here... Bahrain magnet. Luckily, I and my Thai CS like collecting magnets hehehe. So, this is a great chance to do it. Even if we if didn't get out from the airport, we've got to feel a bit Bahrain lol. This is a memorable gift for me to remind me of how terrific my first official flight was!!! Honestly, I wanted to take pics with my CS. Nevertheless, time didn't permit me to do so :(. Hopefully next time...


I had 4 hours at Bahrain. I asked my Thai CS if we could go to duty free. She asked permission from Captain and yeahhhh... the answer was "yes". So glad... However, things there are so expensive even books. I ended up with nothing much but 2 books. I miss books at home that I couldn't bring them here. I then thought that it would be great to keep your brain working by reading books. That's why I am back with these two great books eieiei.


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