Posted by: TaM | November 5, 2009

My second observation flight (Nov 4, 2009) — Beirut (Lebanon)

These pics are taken on my second observation going to Beirut. We got to take it when we got ready to go home. Thanks guys for giving me such a great suggestion. I hope I will get to fly with you guys again soon.


In the bus going to the airport for my second observation flight (Beirut, Lebanon).


I am sorry I am not sure if I remember your name correctly. Thank you so much. You are a terrific galley operator. He taught me many things. Also, he was the one who took this pic for me. I enjoy flying with you guys.


I don't have much time to take pics with all crew. So, this is the last pic I took with Sebastian. He was so kind. I know this cuz I asked him so many questions lol. Thank you for your explanation. I had a great flight flying with all of you. Hope to see you again on board soon.


Tam Tam at the end of the flight. Quite tired but I still look fresh lol.


Hehehe... I finally tried to take pic from inside the aircraft when I got ready to go home. It was around 00.30 hrs hehehe. Great flight!!!

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