Posted by: TaM | October 31, 2009

Training Simulator and Ditching at Emirates (EK) Training Center in Dubai ^V^

The departure time was so early but the pick up time was much earlier lol. Our pick up time was 5.43 am. The flight to Dubai is at 7.10 am if I am not wrong lol. Now, I just got back and it is 9.04 pm. Perhaps my brain doesn’t work properly as I lost much energies for ditching lol.

Let’s start from the morning. It was such an early morning for me as yesterday I went to my first observation flight. However, I still woke up with my good feelings. I was quite excited with the activities today. We went to the airport and the flight to Dubai was QR100. The aircraft was A321 and was quite new. When I was on the aircraft, I still thought of what I performed yesterday when I was an observer to Riyadh. It was fun hehehe. Anyway, it took us for an hour to get there. After that, there was an Emirates bus picking us up the airport. Dubai, in general, is really developed when compared to Doha. However, I believe that Doha will be developed pretty soon. I still love and proud to be Qatar Airways Cabin Crew :).

Once we got to EK’s training center, we had lunch before doing those activities. Frankly speaking, the facilities there are really really nice. Even cafeteria is so big and able to support so many people. The atmostphere and scenery around that area is beautiful. I took few pics at the cafeteria. You guys may have idea how it looks like exactly hehehe.

The most important thing I like is the ditching area. Wow… I could see large swimming pool there. Actually, it is a simulator for ditching evacuation. The water was freaking cold. We had to do all fire drills, decompression, ground and ditching evacuation. I had so much fun sliding down to ground by slide raft. I got the feeling like when I went to the amusement park hehehe. Everyone had to do that in order to make sure that we could evacuate if emergency situations happen. After ground evacuation, ditching is what I was waiting for hehehe. I like swimming. Everytime I see blue water like this, I just wanna jump into the water and swim without stopping lol. We learned how to use the ramp slide and how to board the nearest raft. Our instructor…Mr.Tarek paid so much effort as always for us. I am sure that everyone has got so much knowledge and good memories coming back to Doha.

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