Posted by: TaM | September 1, 2009

What I Like…

–  Teddy Bears eieiei… I have sooo many of them. I will take pics of them and show you guys later.

–  Taking Pictures…It is really interesting and fun to take pictures when you go anywhere. Pics are a good memory of me always.

–  Nail Painting… I did a very colorful nail painting today before I leave for Doha hehehe. Let’s see if it is vivid eiei.

–  Mature People… I feel very comfortable to be with someone who is mature. Sometimes they don’t have to be mature all the time but they need to understand things and act reasonably. I do not like at all when I have to deal with things that sound non-sense or immature somehow.

– Chocolates hehehe… Wow, just thinking of it makes me feel so good. I don’t know why but I can eat it all within a short time lol. So scary, right? Well, it’s me lol.

– Listening to the musics especially English songs…The main purpose cuz I like English. So, it is the great way to learn and improve your English skills.

Let’s continue when I can figure out more…

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