Posted by: TaM | August 30, 2009

Farewell Dinner with N’Nink, Doily and Veevie @ Zen Cuisina lol –> Aug 30, 09 (Sun)

I had an appoinment with N’Nink, Doi, and Veevie at CTW to have a farewell dinner before I leave for Doha and Doily leaves for Oman.

I got to CTW around 5 pm; a little bit late hehehe. Sorry na ja.

I was so amazed with Zen cuz I have never known that there are ZEN VS ZEN Cuisina lol. The most important part is the different in price hahaha. Yeah, I couldn’t select what I wanted to eat indeed. It is not your fault ja, N’Nink. If I were you, I would never know that it is the different ZEN hehehe. I asked a waitress about the differences. She said the difference was only the food. Anyway, I don’t think it is only the food but it is also the PRICE!!! However, it is okay. I still enjoyed having dinner with them. Besides, the atmosphere were pretty good.

We also took many pics when we were there. Nink brought her new camera. Wow… I am intriguing in it and now I am making a decision whether to buy it before I go to Doha lol. I do like it a lot. Specifically, I like taking pics. I think it is worth to buy the good one though I already have my lovely digital camera. Who knows…maybe I will come back tomorrow to post that I am the owner of Canon EOS 500D hehehe ^^. Let’s see. Thanks Nink very much for valuable and useful information.

N’Nink, Doily and Veevie are my lovely sisters. The rest are in Oman. Some are still in Thailand and will be angels pretty soon. I always pray for them.

I brought my digital camera today too but it was obviously seen that Nink’s camera was much better hehehe. So, I need to wait for the pics from her. Then, I will instantly upload thems here so that you guys can take a look on how cool the camera and pics are!!!

Thanks a lot na ja, my lovely sis. I was and am so happy. You make me feel that I am a special person for you guys. It feels so good!!!

P.S. Nink… I will wait for you in Doha na ja. Veevie… I am always there for you and wish you my best. Doily…. we will see each other soon in Oman hehehe with Jigzzz and Pair na.


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