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Clear Blue Sky in Nairobi, Kenya

My roster had been changed from standby to Nairobi (NBO). I went out just for the market that was near to the hotel as we didn’t have much time. All I can say so far is that Kenya is a very lovely country in terms of trees, weather and etc. However, the traffic jams are still not so good.

I wish I could visit the zoo lol cuz Africa seems to be famous about wild life. See you again next time :).

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I love Osaka :)


This is my first and last time operating KIX and ICN together as next month it will be direct flight to Korea itself. So, I am lucky again :).

Let’s talk a bit about the flight…
Position : Galley Operator for the way going to KIX

Pax loads : Full loaded

Food on the aircraft : Awesome. I love it!!! There were also Sushi eieiei.

Crew assigned for the trip : I am so lucky that I was in the same trip with another 3 Thai girls. My friends said that normally they operate KIX flight by having only one Thai crew. So, this time it was a very good opportunity for me to hang around esp it is my first time in Japan.

Hotel : Hyatt Regencies Hotel… It is a very good hotel esp in the bathroom :). Besides, there is free internet for us to use in the room. Thus, it is very convenience for us.

Currency : Pls make sure that you exchange money at the airport or even cash out at the airport cuz it is very difficult to find ATM or exchange money at the hotel. However, if you have credit cards, there won’t be any problems for you. Anyhow, it will be safer to have some cash in your hand. By the way, there are free shuttle buses from the hotel to Osaka station every half and hour as well. So, it makes our journey even much easier ^^.

In love with Osaka, Japan ^^

Hyatt Regencies Hotel...

I love this one hehehe. It is so convenient.

I decided to go out once we got to the hotel. It is called "Osaka Station". There are so many things selling on the left hand side esp clothessssss. I love it!!!

I don't understand how come money couldn't lay down peacefully in my wallet for so long LOL. The first thing I bought for this trip is "FANCL cleansing milk". It is really really good and of course, cheaper than in BKK!!!

I got hungry immediately when I saw Japanese foodssss. It is my favorite eieiei.

Finally, we didn't want to waste much of our time. We decided to go into one restaurant. There are free Kimji and Normai. Very yummy!!!

With Nong (Thai crew)...

My first meal in Japan :).

After dinner, our first destination was Matsumoto shop; cosmetics shop with everything there. There are so many things to buy really. I can spend half day in this shop. However, I had only one hour or shorter than that. Everything was so tempting hehehe.

I can spend all day here ^^.

There is a convenience shop opening 24 hours. It is opposite to the hotel. I am not sure what it is called exactly lol but all I know is there is YUMMY CHIPS, SNACKS and even all drinks ^^.

LHS is kind of healthy drink and RHS is milk tea. I love it :).

This is what I have got the first night we went out (just only few hours lol). I paid a lot though.

These are snacks I bought the first night as well. Snacks here in Japan are so cute and make me wanna buy and buy more.

I ♥♥♥ Sushi (",)...

It is very very nice both the taste and the package. If you visit Japan, pls make sure you don't miss it na hehehe. I wanna eat more and more :).

This is how to eat and finish the little small pack hehehe. Japanese are so creative and organized.

The last day in Osaka...

We were going to Namba and Shinsaibashi station. My friends told me that there are two ways to go. We can either by subway or tram. This time we went by tram. Next time I plan to go by subway (",).

From the hotel, we went out to the back of the hotel and walked a bit to the station. Luckily, I took this pic cuz on the way back I had to come back by myself, I almost got off with the wrong station lol. However, I remember that I took pic. That's why I got back to the hotel safely lolll.

It is 270 yens going to Namba station. It is around 81 Baht. Not bad, right?

With 2 Thai crew... Meaw and Aui 🙂

One thing you shouldn't miss when coming to Japan; Takoyaki...

Noodle vending machine --you pay here and order the one you want. After that, go inside the shop and wait for your noodle.

You can find DHC here easily and very cheap comparing to the price we pay when we buy it in BKK ^^.

Very cute :).

Souvenir shop.... I can't pass these shops without buying things hehehe.

Love them all ^^.

Very cute package of snacks...

Japanese magazines... my fav hehehe :).

Buying some postcards to send to friends, sister, and my love :).


Atmosphere around there...

With Mr.Glico 🙂

Yummy Takoyaki...

Now... it is my favorite shop for snack here in Japan. I felt so poor after I left from this shop :(.

Collon... I confirm it is very very good and much better than in a box in BKK hehehe. So, I bought 2 of them.


At Shin Sai Bashi Station...

This pic makes me smile :).

These are what I bought for the last day in Japan. Wow...



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My Birthday in 2011 (“,)

:: A birthday is a time to plan ahead and to dream of all the beautiful things that life has to offer. ::

I always miss mom more and more when it comes to my birthday. When she was still alive, I used to buy her bouquet of flowers and pay respect to her at her feet every year. I know it was not enough. However, at least,  she was so happy and I was happy to do that to her too.  How I wish she was still with me now!!! 😦

Yes, it is sad every time I think about it. Nevertheless, I am lucky enough to get all wonderful blessings from everyone who is around me. That actually made my day. I always feel grateful for who remember and wish me the best on my birthday. I hope you guys get all these things back in return too ^^.

I have just got this cute birthday wish from my university friend; Yim. So, I just wanted to share with you :).

Thanks to Yim for this cute card :).


Thank you so much, guys!!!

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Style a Scarf

In the Fashion World, we all have come up with everything that is very fashionable, new designs, new styles. In fashion design has always kept its rank on 1st place.  The use of Scarf is very much common nowadays and it is very useful to the Women who have outdoor exertion. So, let’s see how Scarf has put its place in fashion world.

Scarf is one of the most useful accessories in Fashion. It surely gives one an adorable look. The use of Scarf is made since many generations and it is used worldwide. It is mainly worn during winter. However, we can wear it as our accessories based on daily basis too :).

The Scarves are very easy to wear and handle. Scarf can be worn on any of the attire be it formal or casual. Its wearing style adds to the elegance of your look. The Scarf is a piece of cloth which is available in different colors, designs and material. There are different styles of Scarves. This design in materials is introduced only to give an elegant look to the Scarves in fashion. Let’s see the different styles of wearing scarfs to help you stay updated with today’s trends (“,).

P.S. These following VDOs are practical. It is easy and fashionable. So, I would like to share them here…





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I ♥ flying and traveling.

So many reasons why I ♥ flying and traveling…

picture from observation window ^^…

Many people may think that being a cabin crew is not different from being a servant, but just in the sky. More or less, I do agree. However, we have so many more responsibilities than that especially taking care of passenger lives.

I do enjoy flying and traveling cuz…

—  I have got to work in multi-cultural environment. It makes me realize how people are different based on their cultures and beliefs. It is always good to know and learn to adjust myself with others.


During fire fighting training…


When operating the flight with other crew…


—  I love traveling the world… I am so excited and happy everytime I land into different countries. I feel like there are so many things to discover more and more in this life. It makes me realize how big  this world is. Everywhere I go, I have got to learn new things. It is such a splendid feeling!!!


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My first LV…

May 27, 2010… I had a flight to Frankfurt (FRA). Many friends told me that it is the best place to buy brand name bags and easily get tax refund. Personally, I like LV but it was so costly for me to own it. However, I just wanted to give reward to myself for my hard working life as a crew ^^. Fortunately, I had a friend taking me to city area where there are so many brand name shops. Honestly, I didn’t prepare myself to buy it this time. Nevertheless, my friend wanted to buy it for her friend. So, it was a good chance for me to buy it this time.

It doesn’t take much time to go into the city. The hardest thing is trying to understand German as much as you can hehehe.

Here I am…

Hello from LV shop (Frankfurt)

When going inside the shop, I wanted to buy more than 1 bag LOL. Woman and shopping seem to be something that is going together somehow T T. Well, finally, I have got this one. I didn’t regret that I bought it cuz the quality and material are really nice!!! I even want to buy another kind of bag to my dad too (“,).

Once getting back to the hotel, the first thing I did was taking pics of my new bag. Welcome to my life, my little LV.

One more pic for closer view :).

Until today, I love to take it with me almost wherever I go. So happy ^^…

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I like to carry stuffs with me as many as I can. So, bags play a major role for my routine life especially when I have to travel to somewhere.

My wish list is Mulberry (Oversized Alexa). However, I need more time to save more money and encourage myself to pay for that expensive bag. I know that nice and durable bag will worth for the money you pay which is true. Also, from my experiences, I threw away so many bags which were expired by time and material LOL. That’s why these days I prefer to buy brand name bags. In addition, I think the style for brand name one is so cool and tempting. Don’t you think so?

This one, I bought from H&M shop (Villaggio Mall) in Doha. It looks a bit like Alexa. I also like the design and style. Finally, I grabbed it without that much thinking ^^.

It is her... 🙂

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Colombo (CMB), Sri Lanka

I was so glad when I knew that I would get a chance to come back to Colombo (CMB) again. Yes, there is a very great memory for me here. That’s why I feel so good and warm to be back again. The reason is cuz in June 2009 I applied for QR here and I got selected from here. That’s why CMB is always in my heart cuz it reminds me of great things I experienced. The most important thing is that CMB gives me a life with Qatar Airways. That’s why there is Tam Tam who is exploring and traveling the world by now :).

Okay, let’s go straight to the point. The way coming to CMB was A330 and it was full!!!! I was assigned to be a galley operator. It would be great if they gave me an empty cart to store things. However, the fact is there was no empty cart at all. So, I was so tired!!! Moreover, crew assigned in this trip is not so impressive. I guess I don’t have to explain and elaborate lol. Yeah, it is like that. Nothing to say more…. :). Well, I still survive with my positive thinking lol.

Sometimes it is too much for 4 hours flight but I have to do everything including handover paper, magic box and blah blah blah without anyone helping me.

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I am back ^^…


It has been a year that I didn’t update my blog hehehe. Of course, I do miss it a lot. Now, I am back. Today is a good day to start over again (“,).


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Holy City, Amritsar (India) Feb 13-14, 10

Well well well, this is my second India flight in this month. I am very very lucky to get this flight cuz it will be only this month that they have layover in ATQ (Amritsar). That’s why I am so happy……..TBC
Location: Amritsar (India) Feb 13-14, 10

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